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Christmas tree Facebook request becomes virtual holiday miracle

Updated: Feb 4, 2022

Family facing health crisis receives outpouring of support

By Katherine Napier

Special to Today Magazine

In a series of events that seem like they were taken out of a Hallmark holiday movie, a Facebook community in the Farmington Valley rallied together to give one family a Christmas they will never forget.

Two days before Christmas, one Facebook user — posting in a Simsbury-focused FB group — explained that a Simsbury family facing a serious health crisis was in need of a Christmas tree.

“They haven’t been able to get one and with all the expenses can’t afford one,” she wrote. “Does anyone know of a place that will donate one?”

But the community went above and beyond to ensure that this local family had a wonderful Christmas. Comments on the Facebook post were filled with people offering donations in the form of money, decorations, meals and gifts.

One person asked if the family has children: “Do they need gifts from Santa? Please PM me and I will help them.” Another user asked if they needed a meal for Christmas Day.

The post was quickly flooded with local residents eager to lend a hand:

• “We will get gifts, food or anything else that can help them.”

• “Would they need [gift cards] for local restaurants so they don’t need to worry about cooking over the next few weeks?”

• “Can we donate to the cause?”

Moved by the eagerness of the community to offer help, another person commented: “I moved away years ago but still consider Simsbury my hometown. These posts are exactly why I love this town!”

One comment was from a worker at Tulmeadow Farm in West Simsbury who said the farm was willing to donate a tree.

At the end of this Christmas story, the original poster took up the offer from Tulmeadow Farm and said she would get colored lights from Lowe’s. Still, users continued to ask if the family needed anything else and if there was anything they could do.

What started as a simple inquiry for a place that may donate a tree turned into the community coming together to perform a virtual Christmas miracle for a local family.

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This Facebook post with a simple request led to a cascade

of Christmas cheer for a Valley family facing a health crisis


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