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Award-Winning​ — Avon • Canton • Farmington • Granby • Simsbury​ — Community ​News ​That ​Matters ​Nationwide​

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Today Publishing covers the heart of the Farmington Valley via community news that matters nationwide — and we produce the only true Valley publication, based on local media data, reaching all five core towns in the Valley 


     Today Magazine, our monthly digital publication, reaches the far-flung online world and ads are linked to advertiser websites. 


     We also share news via Today Online — our news site that likewise reaches the online digital realm across the Valley, throughout Connecticut and around the world with our compelling news and cogent advertising. 


     When Today Publishing produces our glossy print-and-digital magazine, it is mailed to every residence and business in Avon, Canton, Farmington, Granby and Simsbury — a Special Print + Digital Edition is in the works, and having Today Magazine in print certainly benefits every advertiser who wants to reach the strategic Valley market. 

     Keep reading to learn why!


     We mail to all of Granby, but two other Valley mags don't — and they reach only a smaller subset of homes ... a limited upper-income demographic. 


     When our award-winning publication is printed, Today Magazine reaches not only the entire upper-income demographic of the Valley's five strategic core towns but also every other residential and business address in the Farmington Valley — 100% distribution with more than double the audience of other Valley mags ... at a far lower Cost Per 1000. 


     In order for local journalism to truly be community journalism, we believe ​a publication needs to be accessible to everyone in the community — makes sense, right?


     Every Farmington Valley resident is valuable, regardless of income — and while conventional wisdom says it's beneficial for advertisers to reach only an upper-income audience, we believe the best value for our readers and advertisers is reaching the entire Valley with our unique take on community news. 



Members of a Valley-based Chamber of Commerce receive a 10% discount on all advertising

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At Today Magazine, our goal is to inform and enhance the Farmington Valley community — recording the Valley's underreported upside and giving advertisers a powerful platform for boosting their brand


We want to be community-building, family-friendly and resident-centered.

     We focus not on the news, but on the people who make the news. 

     We also believe everyone has a story to tell, so we spotlight the residents who make these towns.

     Five towns, one aim — exceptional community journalism.

 BIO > Publisher + Editor-in-Chief


From our debut magazine in October 2018 through ​December 2020, we published both a print edition and a digital edition ​each month


Since January 2021, due to the financial fallout of the COVID pandemic and other factors, our print edition has been interrupted and we have published a digital-exclusive monthly magazine



We’re confident that newsmakers and advertising sponsors alike will be glad to be associated with Today Magazine 


     Our editor-in-chief has won numerous 
SPJ awards — see details below. This award-winning journalist is on a mission: To produce a top-notch magazine that serves the Farmington Valley with distinction.


     Given our media experience and expertise, we hope excellence will flow through Today Magazine as surely as the Farmington River flows through the Valley, to the benefit of our readers and advertising sponsors.


     Regular features in Today Magazine

     and Today Online include:


     • Cover Story — featuring people

        who are connected to the Valley

     • Accent on Educators

     • Business Beat

     • Calendar of Events — free listing 

     • Government Gurus

     • History Highlights

     • Honoring First Responders

     • Noteworthy Nonprofits 

     • Race and Equity in the Valley 

     • Sports Report

     • Spotlight on the Arts

     • Valley Intel 




Today Magazine and Today Publishing ​have won 40 SPJ awards in four-plus years since our debut in October 2018 

SPJ = Society of Professional Journalists

SPJ is an acclaimed U.S. media agency 


2023 Award Story

Sweet 16: More SPJ awards for Today 


2022 Award Story

Today wins 12 more SPJ awards


2021 Award Story

Nine more SPJ awards for Today 


     Contributing writer Noelle Blake won Today's only first-place award in 2021


​     Editor-in-chief Bruce Deckert has won​ ​25 SPJ awards​ — 23 with Today,​ including​​ his first-place award​ in 2020​ for ​a cover story​​​ ​on​ ​volunteer fire departments and the 9/11 connection 

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GOOD NEWS — an amazing TEAM EFFORT — we've won 40 SPJ awards in 4+ years > BACKSTORY 

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