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Since the financial fallout of the COVID shutdown and other factors have interrupted our monthly print edition, we are publishing 
a digital-exclusive monthly magazine


Today Magazine and Today Publishing ​have won 12 SPJ awards since our debut in  October 2018 


Contributing writer Noelle Blake, an Avon High ​School student, won a first-place and second-place award in 2021 — and contributing photographer Wendy Rosenberg, a Canton resident, garnered a third-place award

Story — 9 more SPJ awards for Today


​E​ditor-in-chief Bruce Deckert has received​ ​11 SPJ honors​ — nine with Today Publishing,​ including​​ 
first-place award​ in 2020​ for ​
a cover story​​​ ​on​ ​volunteer
fire departments and the local 9/11 connection


SPJ = Society of Professional Journalists

SPJ is an acclaimed U.S. media agency

What's in it for our advertising sponsors?

     Simple — the win-win of a great opportunity for you to boost your brand while also investing in the Valley community.

     Today Magazine is the only true Farmington Valley magazine, based on local media data, because we reach all five core towns in the Valley — we mail to all of Granby, but the other two Valley mags don’t, and our print audience is more than double theirs. 


     We also publish our unique take on community news in Today Online — our dedicated 24/7 news site with budget-friendly ad rates. 

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Here's the upside when you advertise in our print-and-digital publication that covers the heart of the Farmington Valley:

• Print + Digital — The best of both worlds 

100% Distribution — Print edition reaches not only the entire upper-income demographic of Avon, Canton, Farmington, Granby and Simsbury but also every other residence and business in the Valley

Circulation: 42,000+ — Two other Valley mags reach less than 20,000  

Dynamic Digital Presence — In our digital edition, ads are linked to advertiser websites ...

   and advertisers get another link in our Advertising Sponsors Directory  

Full-Color Glossy, Award-Winning  — Managed by an award-winning journalist


     Every page of Today Magazine is full-color glossy — a classy, upscale look with ads and photos that really pop — so all of our ads are automatically full-color ... but another Valley mag is newsprint (except for the cover) and charges extra for full-color ads, so be sure to compare apples to apples. The look of newsprint leaves us flat. How about you? 

     Further, the other two Valley mags mail only to a limited upper-income demographic — Today Magazine is mailed to the entire upper-income audience of the Farmington Valley. 

     When you think of Today Magazine, think classy full-color glossy, with a long-lasting shelf life,  mailed directly to everyone — not just wealthier Valley residents — because of course every Valley resident is valuable, regardless of income. 

     Conventional wisdom says it's beneficial for advertisers to reach only an upper-income audience, but we maintain the best value for our advertisers is reaching every address in the Valley with our unique local news coverage — yes, Today Magazine reaches every residence and every business in the Farmington Valley ... including the Valley's entire all-inclusive upper-income demographic. 



Ad Rates — Our print circulation is  more than double  other Valley mags ... our rates: in the same ballpark 

Covering the Heart of the Farmington Valley — Avon • Canton • Farmington • Granby • Simsbury 

Five Towns, One Aim Exceptional Community Journalism 

The Only True Valley Magazine  We Reach All of Granby ... Other Valley Mags Don't 



Today Online is our dedicated news site that can publish our distinctive community news any day of the week, 24/7 — distinct from our monthly magazine

• Discounted Rates — $50 or less per ad 

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TO REVIEW  When you advertise in our print-and-digital magazine, your message is mailed to all the homes, businesses, condos, apartments and P.O. boxes in all five Valley towns — 100% distribution, a robust circulation of 42,000+ addresses. 

     Two other Valley mags are mailed only to a smaller subset of homes primarily in four Valley towns, a limited upper-income demographic. One has a circulation of less than 20,000 addresses, another is at about 12,000. 

     Today Magazine reaches not only the Valley's complete upper-income demographic but also every other business and residence in the Farmington Valley — from the highest-income household to the lowest. We believe all Valley residents are valuable, whatever their income. 

     Plus, Today Magazine reaches the far-flung online world with our monthly digital edition. 

     Our goal is exceptional community journalism — and for community journalism to truly be community journalism, our award-winning magazine needs to reach everyone in the Valley. 


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