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8.5 inches x 11 inches

     If the financial fallout of the COVID shutdown or other factors interrupt our print edition, we would publish a digital-exclusive magazine — but our goal is to publish a print edition every month


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Today Magazine is a print-and-digital monthly publication focusing on the heart of Connecticut's Farmington Valley — these quintessential New England towns: Avon, Canton, Farmington, Granby and Simsbury. Five towns, one aim — exceptional community journalism.


     We also publish our unique perspective on the news in Today Magazine Online — our 24/7 news site. 


     Today Magazine is the only true Farmington Valley magazine, per local media data, because we reach all five core towns in the Valley — two other Valley mags don't mail to all of Granby, but we do. 

     When your news and events appear in Today Magazine, everyone who lives and works in the Farmington Valley can read about it — for the magazine is mailed to all residences and businesses in the Valley ... every home, every condo, every apartment and every P.O. box ... in all five core Valley towns. Our circulation: 42,000 addresses. (Other mags are mailed only to a smaller subset of homes.)

     When you're an advertising sponsor with us, your message reaches 100% of the Valley community. 


     Further, in a media world that tends to emphasize the downside of the news cycle, we look to report the Valley's underreported upside — and there's so much good stuff going on that we believe we'll never lack for news. A breath of fresh air ... that's one way Today Magazine has been described. 

     To extend the metaphor, we hope to breathe fresh air into the Farmington Valley community, and we invite you to join us by sending story ideas and contributing articles —  actually, we recommend that you contact us first to discuss your potential article, and then write and contribute your story. 

     Our local community focus means that you'll find news in Today Magazine that you likely won't find in regional and state media outlets. 



We’re confident that both newsmakers and advertisers will be happy to be identified with Today Magazine. Our editor-in-chief, an award-winning journalist, is aiming for community journalism at its best. 

     Given our media know-how and skill, we're hopeful that journalistic excellence will flow through Today Magazine as the Farmington River flows through the Valley ... to the benefit of readers, newsmakers and advertising sponsors.



A full-color, glossy monthly magazine is ideal for a durable shelf life. 

     With winsome and robust features, Today Magazine gives readers many reasons to return throughout the month — meaning more opportunities for people to peruse our news and see our ads. 

     Compared with newspapers and newsprint magazines that tend to be quickly recycled, our glossy monthly magazine is more likely to be displayed on coffee tables, in reception areas, and wherever readers want to learn about local news ... and local advertisers.


Thank you for visiting our website — please contact us with any questions • 860-988-1910 •


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Today Magazine editor-in-chief Bruce Deckert has received 
five awards from the Society of Professional Journalistsincluding a first-place honor in 2020 for his cover story on local volunteer fire departments.