To order the Cover Story Package, your cover story must first be approved by Today Magazine — plus, you need to order at least a 6-month ad campaign in Today Magazine (any size ad). The following components comprise the Cover Story Package:


1. Front cover photo — encompassing the entire cover. 

2. Front cover headline featuring your company. 

3. Cover story — interior of Today Magazine. 

4. Two interior photos. 

5. Promotional box with your contact info — interior of Today Magazine. 


Prior to publication, Today Magazine will ask you to review the cover story and any related articles to check facts and quotes.


Cover Story — Word Count

The cover story feature will be a minimum of 900 words combined — whether there is a single article or two-plus articles in the Cover Story Package, the total will be a minimum of 900 words.



We expect that our photographer will be able to schedule a photo session for the cover and the interior of the magazine, but as a backup we'll ask you to provide some photos.



  • • To order the Cover Story Package, you must also order a full-page ad in Today Magazine.

    • The regular $2950 rate for the Cover Story Package applies when you order a full-page ad at the 1-month rate. You will receive a reduced rate on the Cover Story Package if you order an ad campaign of 6 or 12 months, as follows:

    1-month rate: $2950
    6-month campaign: $1950 — promo code: COVER6
    12-month campaign: $950 — promo code: COVER12


    Thank you for your interest in Today Magazine.

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