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Today Magazine and Today Publishing ​have won 12 SPJ awards in less than three years since debuting in October 2018 


Contributing writer Noelle Blake, an Avon High ​School student, won both a first-place and second-place award in 2021 — and contributing photographer Wendy Rosenberg, a Canton resident, garnered a third-place award

Story — 9 more SPJ awards for Today


​E​ditor-in-chief Bruce Deckert has received​ ​11 SPJ awards in his​ ​career​ — nine with Today Publishing,​ includ​ing​​ a first-place honor​ in 2020​ for ​a cover story​​​ ​on​ ​volunteer fire departments


SPJ = Society of Professional Journalists

SPJ is an acclaimed U.S. media agency


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Today Magazine covers the heart of the Farmington Valley — we aim to report the underreported upside of the five core Valley towns: Avon, Canton, Farmington, Granby and Simsbury.

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We also publish our unique take on the news in Today Online — our 24/7 news site. 


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     While Today Online has essentially the unlimited space of the Internet, we expect to receive more news than we can fit in each monthly magazine — but we’ll do our best to include your news. Three specific categories: 


Email milestone business news such as launches, renovations and business anniversaries: one-year, 10-year, 20-year, etc. We want to publish all of your business anniversaries in 10-year increments, but send your five-year increments too and we'll run those anniversaries as space allows. 


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     The publisher is a political independent, and that is the editorial stance of the magazine. Letters are welcome from across the political spectrum as long as they are civil and tasteful.



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Since the financial fallout of the COVID shutdown and other factors have interrupted our monthly print edition, we are publishing a digital-exclusive monthly magazine


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Since the financial fallout of the COVID shutdown and other factors have interrupted our monthly print edition,
we are publishing 

a digital-exclusive monthly magazine

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