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Rep. Hampton honored for protecting water resources

Updated: Feb 3, 2022

State Rep. John Hampton (D-Simsbury) has been honored for his ongoing efforts to protect and preserve Connecticut’s water resources.

Hampton has been recognized as a Clean Water Action Hero by the advocacy group Clean Water Action / Clean Water Fund.

“I am humbled by this wonderful award and honored for the recognition bestowed by CWA,” says Hampton. “Water is indeed our most precious natural resource, and Connecticut is moving forward to protect and preserve water for today’s generation and those yet to come. I will continue my strong support to preserve water and protect our environment.”

Anne Hulick, the Connecticut Director of Clean Water Action / Clean Water Fund, says the organization is "thrilled to honor Rep. Hampton for all his work to protect the environment, and particularly his leadership in launching efforts to develop the state water plan in 2013 as a freshman legislator and working tirelessly to see its passage this past session.”

The organization has recognized Hampton for introducing and supporting legislation to develop Connecticut’s state water plan. After many years of work, the landmark bill has been signed into law. It sets the stage for comprehensive management, protection and conservation of our state’s waters.

"I will continue my strong support to preserve water and protect our environment.” — Rep. John Hampton

“The state water plan is a historic, landmark piece of legislation that sets Connecticut apart from many other states," Hulick says, "moving us forward to ensure that we manage, protect and conserve our waters for generations to come. We are sincerely grateful to Rep. Hampton for his service, his focus to protect the environment [and] children's health, and his leadership on the state water plan.”


State Rep. John Hampton (D-Simsbury) has again been recognized for voting on every bill that came before the General Assembly, achieving the milestone in the last legislative session. 2019 was the third consecutive year that Hampton compiled a perfect voting record in the legislature.

”I am very proud of my voting record in Hartford because that’s what Simsbury residents expect from their state representative,” Hampton says. “I was elected to be Simsbury’s voice at the Capitol and I take the responsibility quite seriously. I will continue to work diligently for my district [this] year and beyond.”

The clerk of the House of Representatives announces lawmakers’ voting records each year. Hampton was present for all 392 votes in the 2019 General Assembly, according to the House clerk.

First elected in 2012, Hampton is in his fourth term representing the 16th House Assembly District. He is vice-chair of the Aging Committee and also sits on the Commerce and Children committees. In addition to his committee assignments, he is the majority whip at large.

Source — House Democrats Press Office

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