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Canton, Avon Chambers joining forces

Updated: Mar 10, 2022

Avon-Canton Chamber of Commerce will better serve business community

By Louis M. Daniels

President • Canton Chamber of Commerce

Special to Today Magazine

The Canton Chamber of Commerce membership has voted overwhelmingly, by a 65-3 vote, to dissolve and join the Avon Chamber of Commerce to create a regional organization.

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The Avon-Canton Chamber of Commerce will be in a better position to benefit Canton’s Route 44, Collinsville and home-based businesses both now and in the future. In creating this regional entity, the outgoing Canton Chamber board is confident that members will experience the same camaraderie and success that the Rotary of Avon-Canton has experienced for years.

Lisa Bohman, longtime executive director of the Avon Chamber, will manage the new Avon-Canton Chamber. Lisa is a lifelong resident of Canton whose family has been deeply rooted in town for nearly a century, and she will be a wonderful advocate for Canton’s businesses.

The Avon-Canton Chamber will be able to speak for both Canton and Avon businesses on any issue with a louder voice.

Gary Miller, who has served as the executive director of the Canton Chamber since 2016, will be on the board of the new chamber, and I will as well. In May 2021 we will add another Canton businessperson to the Avon-Canton board.

In December, all Canton Chamber members will be invited to extend their membership to the Avon-Canton Chamber. Canton members whose annual fee was due in October or November can join the new Avon-Canton Chamber at the Avon Chamber’s slightly lower membership rate — great news for the many dual members who have been paying annual fees to both Chambers.

The pandemic has caused Canton’s Chamber to re-evaluate its capacity to provide meaningful services cost-effectively to our business community. Many other organizations are facing similar questions.

In studying the issue, it became evident that in this case bigger is better. One of the key responsibilities of a Chamber is the ability to influence local and state government on behalf of its members. The Avon-Canton Chamber will be able to speak for both Canton and Avon businesses on any issue with a louder voice.

As members of the new Chamber, all will have the same rights and opportunities to serve on committees and hold office. Change isn’t always easy, but the Canton board believes this is the right move for both organizations — and the benefits will be significant.

Thank you to all those who have voiced their support. Let’s make our new Chamber, the Avon-Canton Chamber of Commerce, the best in the Farmington Valley. +

• This article has also been published in the December 2020 edition of Today Magazine, our monthly publication

• Further info – contact Lou Daniels • 860-916-3577 •


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