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Today Publishing advertising sponsors are listed below in alphabetical order. Click on the advertiser names to visit their websites.

       Our advertisers enjoy a dynamic online presence via their ad package:

       1 — In Today Magazine's monthly digital edition, with links to their websites.

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• Covering the Heart of the Farmington Valley and Beyond

Recording Connecticut's Underreported Upside

• Five Towns • One Aim Exceptional Community Journalism 


These advertisers are investing in the strategic Valley community and beyond via Today Magazine: 

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       Today Publishing advertising sponsors have the satisfaction of knowing they are leveraging what we believe is the best way to reach the Farmington Valley and beyond — our digital ad rates start as low as $50 to access our award-winning media brand, and when Today Magazine is printed, we provide 100% distribution to every residence and every business in the strategic Valley market — other Valley newsmagazines typically reach less than 50% at a greater cost

       Today Magazine is a true Farmington Valley magazine because we reach all five core towns in the Valley — when we print and mail our publication, we mail to all of Granby, but historically two other Valley mags haven't. 

       Further, Today Magazine advertisers are investing significantly in the community — how, you ask? 

       Simple: They're sponsoring a top-notch Farmington Valley magazine that aims to report Connecticut's underreported upside and gives advertisers a powerful platform for boosting their brand across the far-flung online world — and when we print, our advertisers reach 100% of residential and business addresses in Avon, Canton, Farmington, Granby and Simsbury. 

       The goal is for our advertisers and these core Valley towns — and beyond — to benefit together from an exceptional win-win  Today Magazine thanks these businesses and encourages you to review their websites wisely and carefully consider their goods, services and expertise

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